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Community Standards

Community norms are designed to create a safe, respectful and constructive online environment for all users of the melds.eu Service. These standards are the basis for a joint effort to create a positive and beneficial virtual environment.

Respect and tolerance

All members of the community are obliged to show mutual respect and tolerance. It is forbidden to use offensive, vulgar, discriminatory or hateful expressions towards other users. We are committed to supporting diversity and treating all users with dignity.

Constructive and thoughtful discussion

In discussions, you are expected to express your opinions simply and constructively. Don't bully or blame others, and avoid reacting aggressively to differing opinions. Discuss openly and respect the search for solutions.

Security of personal data

It is essential to respect the privacy and security of personal data of other users. Do not share sensitive information such as phone numbers, addresses or passwords publicly. If you have doubts about sharing some data, please consider it carefully.

Content and quality communication

Create content that contributes to community values. Do not share false news or misinformation. Please ensure that your posts are not spam, inappropriate content or advertising.

Adherence to cultural values

We want the platform to reflect cultural values. Avoid using profanity, insults, swearing and aggressive innuendos. Do not be subject to personal attacks and conflicts.

Reality and credibility

The service is a place of real communication. Do not attempt to discredit other users for their opinions and do not intentionally spread lies or misinformation.

Reporting inappropriate content

If you come across content that violates these Community Standards, you have the option to report it. Reported content will be reviewed and possibly deleted if it violates community rules.

Responsibility for content

You are responsible for the content you publish on the Service. All content must be authentic and must not infringe the copyright or rights of others.


In order to keep the community constructive, spreading political opinions or campaigns is not allowed. This includes propaganda and any attempt to influence other members politically.

Monitoring and Sanctions

melds.eu reserves the right to monitor content in the community and review user contributions. Sanctions may be applied in case of violation of these conditions of the community standard. Users may be deprived of the possibility to contribute for a certain time or indefinitely. Repeated violations may result in permanent exclusion from the service.

Link and Content Sharing

If you share links or other content, please make sure they are relevant and do not threaten the safety or privacy of other users. Sharing of third-party content is only recommended if it complies with the Community Guidelines and does not spread lies or inappropriate content.

Cultural diversity

Community standards respect cultural diversity. Do not intimidate, blame or criticize community members based on their nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

Helpful communication

Try to be helpful in your communication with other users. If you have knowledge that may be useful to others, please share it. We encourage the sharing of information and ideas.

Prohibition of illegal activities

Publishing, sharing or promoting illegal content or activities is prohibited. This includes the distribution of illegal software, copyright infringement or other illegal activities.

Cooperation with the melds.eu team

If you suspect inappropriate content or rule violations, please inform the melds.eu team. Cooperation with the community is important for maintaining a safe and open online environment.

Update and changes

Community standards may be updated or modified over time based on community needs and service evolution. Users will be informed of any changes.

Consistent adherence to these rules contributes to the creation of a safe, respectful and at the same time interactive environment for all users of melds.eu. Your contribution to maintaining a cultural and constructive environment is welcome and appreciated.
These Community Rules are intended to provide clear guidance to all users and to ensure that the melds.eu platform is a place with a positive atmosphere and respect for all members.